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The sensational Carroll Foundation Trust and parallel Carroll Maryland Trust multi-billion dollar offshore tax fraud scandal which is encircling 10 Downing Street and the Conservative Party has revealed that Sir Anthony Baldry a criminal barrister and a trustee of the Church Commissioners is understood to have been named in the explosive FBI Scotland Yard criminal “standard of proof” prosecution files in this case of international importance.

Sources have confirmed that the dossiers contain a compelling forensic evidential paper trail surrounding the deep involvement of the Church Commissioners surrounding the fraudulent financing and systematic criminal seizure of the Carroll Global Corporation’s two billion dollar commercial investment holdings.

Further sources have disclosed that the files contain a startling litany of twenty eight fraudulently incorporated UK Companies House “registered” Carroll Trust Corporations which are “directly linked” to the fraudulent HSBC 4-8 Victoria Street Westminster London accounts Barclays International offshore accounts and Queen’s bankers Coutts & Co Gerald Carroll accounts that effectively impulsed this massive tax fraud heist operation which stretches the globe spanning a staggering sixteen years.

In a stunning twist it has also emerged that the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is a “close associate” of Sir Anthony Baldry who is believed to be seriously implicated in the ongoing obstruction and bribery offences. Hot on the heels of the amazing insights into the Gerald Carroll Trust debacle well seasoned City of London financial observers have remarked that Sir Anthony is known to have thoroughly reviewed the files and is aware of the inordinate delays Scotland Yard surrounding the arrests and prosecution of Britain’s most dangerous crime syndicate.

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