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The Carroll Foundation Trust and parallel Gerald 6th Duke of Sutherland Trust multi-billion dollar corporate identity theft offshore tax evasion fraud scandal which is encircling the Conservative Party and David Cameron’s tax haven based Blairmore Holdings Inc interests has revealed in a stunning further twist that the merged accountancy firm of Carlton Baker Clarke now known as CBHC Accountants with offices in Romford and Chelmsford Essex are seriously implicated in this case of international importance.

Sources have confirmed that the explosive FBI Scotland Yard cross-border criminal “standard of proof” prosecution files contain a compelling forensic evidential paper trail which surrounds the systematic criminal liquidation of major operating divisions of the Carroll Foundation Trust’s “oldco” Russian Investment Corporation group structures. Further sources have disclosed that two former partners of CBHC conducted what has been universally described as a massive accounting fraud regime on an industrial spanning an incredible ten to twelve years.

The disturbing insights into the Gerald Carroll Trusts debacle is understood to be involving the Russia Federation powerful FSB and SVR Security Services who are believed to be “closely monitoring” this trans-national criminal organisation case which stretches the globe.

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