The Grosvenor Estate Trusts Executive Trustee Mark Preston + Jeremy Newsum + The Grosvenor Group Chairman Michael McLintock + Lesley Knox + Christopher Pratt + Philip Dilley Organised Crime Fraud Bribery “Forensics Files” + Hugh 7th Duke of Westminster “Expert Witness Files” * HRH The Prince of Wales Duke of Rothesay and Gerald 6th Duke of Sutherland Marquess of Stafford Earl Gower “Forged Birth Certificate Sealed Records” *** PWC UK CHAIRMAN KEVIN ELLIS * KPMG CHAIRMAN BILL MICHAEL * DELOITTE UK SWITZERLAND CHAIRMAN NICK OWEN * 3 BELGRAVE SQUARE BELGRAVIA LONDON * 29H EATON SQUARE BELGRAVIA LONDON * 33 WILTON CRESCENT BELGRAVIA LONDON = THE PARADINE CASE * COURT ROOM DRAMA FILM * CARROLL TRUST CASE = GROSVENOR INTERNATIONAL * WHEATSHEAF INVESTMENTS LTD * CARROLL GLOBAL CORPORATION TRUST * SLAUGHTER & MAY SENIOR PARTNER STEVE COOKE * BOODLE HATFIELD SENIOR PARTNER SARA MACCALLUM *** Scotland Yard Most Famous Corporate Identity Theft Case in History


The Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust and parallel Gerald 6th Duke of Sutherland Trust multi-billion dollar corporate identity theft liquidation case which is encircling 10 Downing Street and the Conservative Party has revealed that the explosive FBI Scotland Yard cross-border criminal “standard of proof” prosecution files have “named” the Duke of Westminster’s Grosvenor Group in this case of international importance.

Sources have confirmed that the dossiers contain a compelling forensic evidential paper trail which surrounds the Duke of Westminster lawyers Boodle Hatfield systematic ransacking theft and seizure of Gerald Carroll’s multi-million dollar Eaton Square Belgravia penthouse and Westminster residences in central London spanning a bizarre six to eight years.

Further sources have disclosed that the files contain a startling litany of forged and falsified Coutts & Co Gerald Carroll banking arrangements which effectively impulsed this massive City of London bank fraud heist operation.

Scotland Yard leaked sources have said that the Queen’s banker Lord David Douglas-Home former Chairman of Coutts & Co is also seriously implicated following unconfirmed reports that Lord Douglas-Home incorporated fraudulent Gerald Carroll accounts in a bungled attempt to provide a diversionary corporate banking smokescreen for the embezzlement of two hundred and fifty million dollars of the Carroll Foundation Trust huge treasury investment holdings that were held at Barclays Bank and Coutts & Co Strand London.

In a stunning twist it has emerged that Lord Douglas-Home has at various times been the Chairman of the Duke of Westminster’s Grosvenor Group which has prompted well seasoned City of London financial observers to remark that the seizure of Gerald Carroll’s Belgravia penthouse and Westminster properties was executed by the Duke of Westminster and Lord Douglas-Home to shield high profile public figures from criminal prosecution in this case which stretches the globe.

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