President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev + President Vladimir Putin Kremlin “Closely Monitoring” * BAE Systems Plc Chairman Sir Dick Evans (Rtd) * BAE Systems Plc Director Sir Nigel Rudd (Rtd) + UK Business Angels Association Chairman Sir Nigel Rudd + Barclays Bank Plc Vice Chairman Sir Nigel Rudd (Rtd) + Jones Day Law Firm London Ex-Partner James Brokenshire MP + Goodman Derrick Senior Partner Tim Langton * CPS Organised Crime Division “Criminal Prosecution Files” *** CLIFFORD CHANCE MANAGING PARTNER MATTHEW LAYTON * HRH PRINCE ANDREW DUKE OF YORK “LAWYERS” HARBOTTLE & LEWIS * NORTON ROSE FULBRIGHT GLOBAL CHAIR TRICIA HOBSON + FARMIDA BI + STEPHEN PARISH * SLAUGHTER & MAY SENIOR PARTNER STEVE COOKE + GILES HENDERSON + CHARLES RANDELL = FARNBOROUGH AEROSPACE CENTRE HAMPSHIRE = TECHNIQUES D’AVANT GARDE CEO MANSOUR OJJEH + TAG AVIATION GENEVA SA SWITZERLAND * THE CARLYLE GROUP “CONSULTANT” SIR JOHN MAJOR * QINETIQ GROUP CODY BUSINESS PARK FARNBOROUGH * PWC UK CHAIRMAN KEVIN ELLIS *** NCA National Crime Agency Multi-Billion Dollar Organised Crime Extortion Tax Fraud Bribery Case


The sensational Carroll Foundation Trust and parallel Gerald 6the Duke of Sutherland Trust multi-billion dollar corporate identity theft offshore tax fraud bribery case which is encircling the UK Attorney General has disclosed that the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and President Vladinmir Putin are understood to be “closely monitoring” this case of international importance.

Sources have confirmed that the BAE Systems Plc former chairman of Sir Dick Evans who currently has “close ties” with Kazakhstan is seriously implicated in the embezzlement of a mind boggling two hundred million dollars of the Carroll Foundation Trust huge treasury investment holdings that were held at the Queen’s bankers Coutts & Co and Barclays Bank City of London branches.

Further sources have revealed that during Sir Dick Evans chairmanship of BAE Systems Plc Gerald Carroll’s Farnborough Aerospace Aerospace Centre Hampshire England was the subject of a systematic break-up embezzlement seizure operation on an industrial scale.

Scotland Yard “leaked” sources have disclosed that the explosive criminal “standard of proof” prosecution files contain forensic specimen exhibits of forged and falsified UK Companies House “registered” Farnborough Aerospace Development Corporation Plc Strategic Research & Development Corporation Plc and Carroll Aircraft Corporation Plc group structures which effectively impulsed this massive City of London bank fraud heist operation.

The Carroll Foundation Trust files are held within a complete lockdown at the FBI Washington DC field office and the Metropolitan Poli8ce Scotland Yard London under the supervision of the Commissioner Cressida Dick QPM who is known to have an intimate knowledge of this case which stretches the globe.

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